Endodontic treatment (root canal treatment) is based on the removal of internal tooth tissue and filling the canal with specialised materials used in this branch of dentistry.

All procedures involve the use of a dental dam to ensure better treatment results. The canal length is initially measured using a latest-generation electronic device called RAYPEX 5. Canals are prepared using a side gutta-percha condensation technique and the OBTURA system, which ensures the tightest possible filling of root canals.


Untreated teeth become non-vital, which leads to further tissue infections which will surround the tooth. Fissures and abscesses may appear, accompanied by pain, which will disrupt the entire body. If the caries develops, the pulp will decay and cause the entire tooth to become non-vital. In order to reconstruct the tooth structure, an endodontist treats the infection and seals the canals using root posts, or fills in the canal with specialised materials. The posts may be made of modern glass or zircon fibre, gold, or titanium.

Specialist endodontic procedures are performed under the LEICA M320 microscope toguarantee the high precision of the treatment. For patients who underwent treatment in other dental centres, we also offer the service of removing broken endodontic instruments.

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