The aim of prosthodontic treatment is to replace a patient’s missing teeth or correct the aesthetics of their teeth (veneers, crowns). Such procedures not only make teeth more aesthetic but also improve chewing. Our patients’ comfort is our primary concern.


Prosthodontic treatment may be conducted using fixed dentures (veneers, crowns, bridgework) or removable dentures (complete and partial acrylic dentures, frame dentures, frame splint dentures, nylon dentures). It is also possible to combine two of the above-mentioned types of dentures (frame dentures mounted on bolts, locks, or telescopes).


The quality of our services and your smile are our priority. Therefore, we recommend that you use the services of RAFAŁ SZLOSEK, a dentist and a fantastic prosthodontist. Szlosek has earned a very good reputation among his patients and enjoys their limitless trust. He completed dentistry studies at Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University in 1997, and he passed the specialisation exam in dental surgery in 2009. Doctor Szlosek has worked in our Denta-Med centre since 2001.

Our centre cooperates with the best workshops, which prepare dentures using the latest materials. In particular, we would like to recommend permanent prosthetic restoration based on TITANIUM and ZIRCON CROWNS. They are fully biocompatible, do not cause allergic reactions, and allow full-body diagnostics to be performed (the do not constitute a contraindication for MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING EXAMINATIONS).

Porcelain veneers let us reconstruct small damage of the crowns located in the front part of the dental arch (broken and damaged crowns) while preserving natural aesthetic values. At the same time, they allow limiting of teeth preparation to the front wall exclusively. Veneers are also helpful in correcting the shape and colour of a tooth (better aesthetics of discoloured teeth).


Porcelain crowns are a form of reconstruction for a large, missing part of a tooth tissue or completely broken teeth with a well-preserved, properly treated root. In this case, a root post is required.

We offer a range of porcelain crowns:


Porcelain bridgework – they allows us to reconstruct missing teeth and ensure full comfort and good aesthetic results for our patients. Our porcelain bridges are prepared using the same type of restoration as in the case of porcelain crowns.

Frame dentures are used when an appropriate number of healthy teeth remain in the patient’s oral cavity, but it is not possible to offer permanent prosthetic restoration. The denture’s structure keeps the denture on the existing teeth and thus provides a good aesthetic result.


Frame dentures mounted on bolts are a combination of a permanent prosthetic restoration (a crown, bridgework) with frame dentures. This type of dentures is prepared when a permanent prosthetic restoration is not possible, and the patient cares about good denture maintenance and aesthetics.


Acrylic dentures are prepared when a patient lacks a significant number of teeth and other types of prosthetic restoration have been eliminated.