paediatric dentistry


As parents, we care for our children from the very beginning. This care includes our little ones’ teeth. In Denta-Med, we know that it is better to prevent disease than to treat it. Therefore, we care for our patients’ teeth from their youngest age.


It is extremely important that our little ones have proper dental care from the first years of their lives. This will help us avoid complicated and often costly treatment in the future.


We organise adaptation visits to acclimatise your child to the new space of the dentist’s office, new equipment and, most importantly, the medical staff.The visits incorporate play combined with a dental check-up and the preparation of a treatment plan. Thanks to such visits, your child will be able to visit us next time without fearing any of the procedures to be performed.


Our offer includes preventive treatment (varnishing teeth with fluoride-based preparations, sealing of grooves and fissures) and conservative treatment of deciduous and permanent teethAside from fillings in traditional colour shades, we also offer colourful fillings used for deciduous teeth.

Our centre cooperates with an orthodontist to provide you with preventive dentistry services and occlusal abnormalities treatment.



We are happy to invite our youngest patients to discover the world of Denta-Med and meet our child-friendly specialists.