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Denta-Med is Number 5 among the Best Clinics in Poland According to the Prestigious GCR Ranking

The Global Clinic Rating (GCR) is an international healthcare clinic standard, which selects 10 best health centres in a given country every year. The selection criteria are demanding and they cover such things as service quality, medical staff, patients’ opinions, service customer, the centre’s image or even the number of the procedures carried out in the centre. The average evaluation of 1883 clinics in Poland is 2.42. The result of the Denta-Med Centre is 3.98, and it gives the facility the 5th position on the list of 10 best clinics in the country!


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The mission of our Clinic is not only to provide successful dental treatments, but also to improve awareness of healthy behaviours related to oral hygiene.

This – and our Patients – were the reasons why we have created the following section. It will help you find valuable guidelines related to dental prophylaxis and treatments, as well as the latest dentistry news, which can be useful for your everyday oral hygiene.

Visit this section on a regular basis, since it was created especially for you.

We also encourage you to familiarise with the Patient’s Rights Charter.

About us

Denta-Med is a 24/7 dental clinic with 26 years' experience, operating in three locations in Krakow: ul. Na Zjeździe 13, ul. Gertrudy 4 and ul. Augustiańskiej 13. We do our best to make every Patient feel comfortable and satisfied with our dental care.

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MediRaty Financing Plans and Instalments

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we would like to inform that all the commercial services provided by our clinin can be financed without advance payments and can be paid in convenient instalments.

Have you heard of dental home visits? We are the only dental clinic in Poland which offers such services especially for you!