About us

About us

We have been working for you for years. Thousands of Patients have already trusted us. We believe that a beautiful smile is a healthy smile.

Denta-Med, a 24/7 Dental Clinic

was established in 1991 in Krakow, Poland. For 28 years now, our doctors have provided you with professional dental care, individually approaching every Patient, and preparing preventive and treatment plans for you, while making sure that all of this takes place in a nice and friendly environment.

At present, Denta-Med employs a few dozens of specialists, who have been cooperating with us for many years. In our clinic you will meet highly trained medical personnel and healthcare support staff, including dental assistants and hygienists, as well as a radiologist. These are the people who make a healthy and beautiful smile appear on every Patient’s face.


Our dental offices are equipped with state-of-the-art dental equipment and we also have an X-ray room where you can have a digital panoramic X-ray picture taken. The latest-generation tools used in our clinic allow us to offer you top-quality services, and to respect your health and valuable time.



You can easily find our centres around the centre of Krakow