Conservative dentistry


Our preventive dentistry services include the treatment and prevention of dental caries, endodontic treatment (often referred to as root canal treatment), aesthetic dentistry services, treatment of mucosal lesions in the mouth, and treatment of dental caries in our youngest Patients’ teeth.

Dental caries is defined as a disease afflicting the hard tissues of a tooth, such as enamel and dentine.

If it is untreated, it may cause inflammation of pulp and periapical tissue. However, if the problem is diagnosed early, caries can be stopped in the course of remineralisation processes.

Denta-Med offers preventive and dental treatment as well as reconstruction of teeth infected by caries and damaged due to trauma.
All the procedures are performed under effective anaesthesia, which is safe for children, pregnant women, people suffering from heart disease, and others.

Our preventive and conservative dentistry services include:

  • Prevention of caries for children and adults: sealing and varnishing;
  • Caries treatment: fillings;
  • Caries treatment: fillings;
  • Teeth whitening;
  • LDentin hypersensitivity treatment;
  • Removal of dental deposits using ultrasounds and sandblasting;
  • Endodontics, i.e. chemical and mechanical treatment of root canals and correct filling thereof.