Dental implantology


Although dentistry has significantly developed over the years and oral hygiene awareness has notably improved, it still happens that patients lose their teeth because of some illnesses or injuries.

The DENTA-MED clinic is here to help you and support you. The goal of dental implantology is to reconstruct your beautiful smile on the basis of dental implants in order to achieve long-lasting, highly aesthetic effects.

Why us?

The Best Dentists
We’re investing in the future and continually evolving to ensure we always offer the best services available. Therefore, the person responsible for dental implantology and oral and maxillofacial surgery in DENTA-MED is doctor Maciej Opach.

Awards and Disctinctions
The Denta-Med Clinic is Number 5 among the Best Clinics in Poland – according to the prestigious GCR Ranking (Global Clinic Rating) with the result 3.98 (average evaluation for Poland is 2.42).

This is not only something to be proud of, but this result also motivates us to improve the clinic’s standards even more. We would like to thank all of our Patients, because their trust resulted in such a strong position of our team.

Attractive Prices and Instalments
Dear Patient, we would like to inform that all the commercial services provided by our clinic can be financed without advance payments and can be paid in convenient instalments.

Dental implantology offer

A dental implant is a titanium screw which functions as the root in the place of a missing tooth. Titanium does not cause any allergic reactions, because the human body accepts it as its own tissue. After being fitted in the bone, an implant becomes the “natural” root of your tooth and provides a stable base for singular crowns, bridges and dentures.

⦁ implants prevent irretrievable bone loss after tooth removal;
⦁ implants replace natural tooth roots, therefore there is no need to prepare the neighbouring teeth in order to restore the missing tooth;
⦁ implants ensure the stability of crowns and bridges;
⦁ implants offer the same chewing ability as natural teeth;
⦁ implants restore appropriate functionality and offer the aesthetics of natural teeth;
⦁ implants are the most stable solution among all other prosthetic treatments.
⦁ the factor that decides whether an implant may be fitted is the Patient’s health condition;
⦁ pathological changes to the soft tissue in the oral cavity and osseous tissue of the jaw and mandible;
⦁ grinding and clenching of teeth;
⦁ insufficient amount of the osseous tissue to fit an implant.

Implant and other maxillofacial surgery procedures in the DENTA-MED clinic are conducted by a renowned specialist, Maciej Opach, DMD

Dental Implant Surgery Step by Step

A medical consultation intended to determine the general condition of the Patient’s health and learn about their expectations.

Implant surgery procedure:

    • performed under local anaesthesia
    • takes about 30-40 min.
    • usually, a few implants can be fitted during one visit (time of the procedure is adjusted to the Patient’s needs)
    • once the implant is inserted, it is fully hidden below the gum, which is sutured
  • Within one week of the procedure you may experience some mild pain and swelling.
  • The period required for an implant to integrate with the bone is usually from 3 to 6 months (in the case the implant fails to integrate, another implant may be inserted).
  • If the procedure covers the implant and bone restoration or sinus lift, the integration of the implant with the bone takes up to 9 months.
  • Fitting of a prosthetic restoration on the implant (crown, bridgework).

In some cases, an implant can be fitted immediately after tooth removal. This is possible when the cavity created after removing the tooth is smaller than the diameter of the implant planned.