Many of us remember those times in our childhood when our peers mocked us or even laughed at us for our occlusal abnormalities. This might have negatively impacted our self-esteem. Thanks to orthodontics, at present everyone can enjoy a beautiful and even smile, be it children or adults.

Orthodontics is a dental specialisation involved in the coordination and treatment of occlusal abnormalities. They can be treated using removable or attached orthodontic braces:

Attached braces are to be worn for a period of about 2 years and they can be taken off by an orthodontist only. They are intended for young people and adults.

Hoping to diversify our patients’ smiles, our dental clinic offers you colourful dental ligatures. Thanks to these, you can wear braces in your favourite colour. Even the youngest Patients will not fear attached braces with Denta-Med!

Removable braces are usually recommended for children at the age of 4–12. They wear such braces for a few hours during the day and at night. This type of braces is not too problematic, as you can always take the braces out.

We have also made sure that you can choose from a wide range of removable braces. Our Patients can pick from the wide range of braces in all the colours of the rainbow. We are sure that thanks to a combination of your child’s favourite colours, wearing the braces will not be a problem, but a sheer pleasure.​

The Denta-Med clinic offers comprehensive orthodontic services. Our orthodontists approach each Patient individually:

  • During your first visit, a specialist will examine you, prepare diagnostic (gypsum) models of your teeth, and take an X-ray and a photo of your teeth. Next, a treatment plan will be prepared.
  • Following the above, your braces will be put on and a schedule of follow-up visits will be made. It is important to see your orthodontist regularly at all stages of the treatment.
  • After the treatment is completed, the braces will be taken out. At this stage, we will make sure that the effect lasts.