Aesthetic Medicine


Your face is a key to your beauty
Care of your smile and face is of great importance in all areas of life, both private and professional ones. A beautiful smile is one of your greatest attributes, it makes you feel satisfied and results in your self-confidence, which is surely noticed by people around you.

The passage of time inevitably influences the look of the face skin
Over the years, the skin of every adult person slowly loses its essential substance, hyaluronic acid, which decides about its elasticity and firmness.
Reduction of the amount of this extremely important ingredient results in uneven skin tone and texture, as well as wrinkles and even deep lines.

In order to meet your expectations, we have started cooperation with an Italian brand, Stomygen, and we are in a very small group of such locations in Krakow, Poland which expand their offer with treatments from the field of aesthetic dentistry.

Aesthetic dentistry focuses on functional and aesthetic aspects of dental procedures and it has more and more modern equipment at its disposal.

This field of dentistry pays more and more attention to the condition of the whole face, which determines patients’ overall frame of mind. This can be improved with the use of simple and safe methods, which enable to take care of the face condition without surgical interventions.

New methods, used by professional, highly qualified dentists, consist in reintegration of hyaluronic acid in the areas of face which are to be improved.

In order to make the skin young and attractive again, we use two products, which are individually selected for the needs of every patient. Stomygen BASIC, Stomygen LIPS.

⦁ zygomatic and malar areas
⦁ nasolabial folds
⦁ labial commissures and marionette lines
⦁ face shaping
⦁ cheek highlighting
⦁ jaw line
⦁ medium depth wrinkles

⦁ lip shaping and augmentation
⦁ lip volume augmentation
⦁ lip countorning
⦁ lip asymmetry correction
⦁ lip wrinkle smoothing
⦁ natural red lip colour highlighting

Essentially, the treatment consists in injecting hyaluronic acid (filler) using a very thin needle. The treatment is painless and short, because it lasts only about 30 minutes, but the results can be noticed immediately. The treatment does not cause any changes in natural face expression, but it can correct many skin defects.

All products of Stomygen company are natural and have the highest possible safety rates. Aesthetic face corrections based on Stomygen products guarantee young look of the skin and natural facial expression.

The main component of all products is the cross-linked hyaluronic acid which is supported by a unique stabilisation process, protected by an international patent. The patented, Italian Stomygen filler technology helps to make the facial tissues look younger and create a long lasting effect.

Although the hyaluronic acid treatments are safe and simple, they need to be carried out by a qualified doctor, who can individually determine diverse needs of every patient’s skin on the base of medical interview and specific diagnostics.


Aesthetic medicine treatments in Denta-Med clinic are provided by a specialist of this field -
Dr. Francesco Manfredi.