Periodontology is a branch of dentistry which covers treatment of gums and other tissues surrounding the teeth. During the first visit, a periodontologist will interview the Patient, conduct a clinical test and, if necessary, order more detailed additional tests such as an X-ray, a blood smear analysis and a blood sugar level test.

The treatment plan is always prepared individually for each Patient, on the basis of the interview and the obtained test results, and it is always adjusted to their needs.

Periodontology is a branch of dentistry which is to help with the following conditions:

⦁ hypersensitivity to temperature changes
⦁ creation of gaps between teeth
⦁ shifting of teeth
⦁ exposure of teeth roots
⦁ tooth elongation
⦁ teeth loosening
⦁ bad breath
⦁ red or bleeding gums

The specialised periodontal treatments offered by the Denta-Med clinic include the following procedures:

⦁ supragingival scaling (removal of hard dental deposits);
⦁ subgingival scaling;
⦁ closed curettage (a surgical procedure based on removing of the contents that are causing the inflammation from the periodontal pockets. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia);
 open curettage (a procedure conducted when the periodontal pockets are deeper; the difference between the closed and open curettage is the degree to which the gum is moved away to allow the dentist free access to the pocket to clean it).