Paediatric dentistry

The youngest

As parents, we care for our children from the very beginning. This care includes also our little ones’ teeth. In Denta-Med, we know that it is better to prevent disease than to treat it. Therefore, we care for our Patients’ teeth from their youngest age.

It is extremely important to provide our children with proper dental care from the first years of their lives. This will help us avoid complicated and often expensive treatments in the future.

We organise adaptation visits to help your child feel comfortable in the new space of the dentist’s clinic, with new equipment and, most importantly, with the medical staff. The visits are organised in the form of play, combined with a dental checkup, oral hygiene instructions and preparation of a treatment plan. Thanks to such visits, your child will be able to visit us next time without fearing any of the procedures to be performed.

Our offer includes both preventive procedures (varnishing of teeth with fluoride-based preparations, sealing of grooves and fissures) and conservative treatment of deciduous and permanent teeth. Next to fillings in traditional colour shades, we also offer colourful fillings used for deciduous teeth.

Our clinic cooperates with an orthodontist to provide you with preventive dentistry services and malocclusion treatment.

INHALATION SEDATION (laughing gas) in Denta-Med 

The laughing gas procedure can be applied in case of small Patients who are more than 3 years old. Laughing gas is inhaled through a special mask that fits over your nose. Therefore, it is really important for the doctor to stay in contact and full cooperation with the Patient. The procedure cannot be performed against the child’s will because it will reduce its effectiveness and can result in even deeper dental fear. During the procedure, some Patients may feel a tingling in their arms and legs, may be warm, may experience something like ‘ringing in the ears’ or may be light-headed. Some people say their arms and legs feel heavy. The effects of nitrous oxide wear off soon after the mask is removed. This takes only 10 – 15 minutes.

Nasal masks – How to use them? How to buy?

Our clinic offers nasal masks of three sizes (S, M, L) and with different, interesting fragrances (e.g. vanilla or bubble gum). You can buy them just before a dental visit and use them during every next procedure (they are re-usable). However, in case of small children we recommend buying the mask a few days before a dental appointment and trying it at home together with your kid. Putting the mask over the child’s nose and making some simple breathing exercises will let your child get used to the mask. In this way, the child is not afraid when the dentist puts the mask on her/his nose during the procedure and is perfectly prepared for the visit. Such simple exercises made at home can be combined with some conversations with the child about a dental appointment. This will help them prepare perfectly for everything that can happen in a dental office. And dental fear will be replaced by curiosity and willingness to cooperate with the dentist.

Nasal mask cost: PLN 35

The cost of the procedure made under inhalation sedation (with laughing gas): PLN 190 + cost of the dental treatment performed

Contraindications (both for children and adults):

⦁ runny nose
⦁ enlarged tonsils (airway obstruction)
⦁ chronic respiratory problems (bronchiectasia, pulmonary emphysema)
⦁ mental disorders
⦁ multiple sclerosis
⦁ porphyria
⦁ myasthenia gravis
⦁ 1st trimester of pregnancy

We invite our small Patients to meet the secrets of the Denta-Med Clinic in Krakow and our friendly specialists.